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What Our Students Says


"Hands-down, Mr. Chien is one of the most motivated, patient and committed math teachers my son ever had at Harvard-Westlake School. His enthusiasm is contagious! Students leave his class with a "CAN-DO" attitude! Strong subject knowledge and excellent communication skills. Terrific in the classroom, group setting or one-on-one." (Parent - Harvard-Westlake)

"We are so grateful for the help our daughter received from Mr. Chien, her math tutor. Our daughter was struggling in Precalculus and was feeling overwhelmed by some of the concepts she was learning in class. However, with the help of Mr. Chien, she was able to unlock the challenges she was having and gain a better understanding of the material. He was patient, knowledgeable, and made math less intimidating for her. His unique teaching style and approach to problem-solving helped our daughter see the concepts in a new light and increased her confidence in the subject. He made sure she understood the current steps they focused on before moving on. So much so, that he insisted she reach out anytime after the session if she had follow up questions. She was able to improve her grades and is now doing much better in Precalculus. We highly recommend Mr. Chien to anyone who needs help with math. He truly has a gift for teaching and making complex math concepts easy to understand. We know he is there if we need him. Thank you, Mr. Chien, for all your help and for making a difference in our daughter's education!" (Parent - Buckley School)

"Mr. Chien is one of the most passionate and dedicated teachers we have ever come across. He always goes above and beyond to properly equip his students in tackling the problems they face - whether in math, computer science, chemistry, or life in general. Our son learned a tremendous amount working with Mr. Chien and felt highly motivated by his enthusiasm and expertise. Most of all, our son is grateful to Mr. Chien for always making work fun, challenging, and rewarding." (Parent - Harvard-Westlake)

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