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Welcome to Bowtie Learning Center


Welcome to Bowtie Learning Center!

I'm Derric Chien, and my journey in education is deeply rooted in my lifelong passion for mathematics. As far back as I can remember, the world of math and science has fascinated me, and my enthusiasm for the subjects has only grown with time. The more I learned, the more I felt compelled to share the magic of math and science with others, igniting a desire to become an educator.

With over 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience, I've dedicated my life to helping students unlock the beauty of mathematics and science. You'll notice the recurring theme of bowties throughout our site – a symbol close to my heart. This emblem is a tribute to two professors who profoundly impacted my


life. Their unwavering patience, generosity, and the iconic bowtie they would wear were instrumental in shaping my educational journey.

This simple accessory became a powerful reminder of the profound difference an inspiring educator can make. Guided by the enduring impacts of my mentors, I find the most rewarding moments in education to be when I witness students gaining confidence, reaching their fullest potential, and embracing the joy of learning.

At Bowtie Learning Center, our mission is to pay forward the inspiration and guidance I received. We aim to instill a deep love for learning and nurture curiosity in each student we work with. Our goal is to empower students to become their best selves in the classroom and beyond.

Join us at Bowtie Learning Center, where the magic of math and science together with the spirit of transformative education come together to help students flourish and reach their highest potential.

Bowtie Learning Center Path to Success

At the Bowtie Learning Center, learning is an exciting journey your child and I embark on together. I'm Derric Chien, your child's dedicated guide on this inspiring adventure.

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Step 2: Connecting the Landmarks

Continuing our journey, we explore the world of knowledge as if we're discovering interconnected landmarks on a map. New discoveries are contextualized using previously solidified foundations. I help your child see how different topics are part of a bigger picture, making learning more engaging and meaningful.

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Step 1: Laying a Strong Foundation

Our journey begins with understanding your child's current knowledge, skills, and any possible learning differences. I work on empowering them with metacognition skills, which allow them to assess their own understanding of the material. This is where we set the stage for a solid educational foundation.

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Step 3: Anticipating What's Ahead

At Bowtie Learning Center, I encourage your child to predict what lies ahead in their learning journey. Complex problems are scaffolded to encourage these predictions. This anticipation not only makes learning exciting but also helps them create vivid memories and lasting impressions.

At every step, I focus on making the learning fun. I teach with the understanding that there are a wide range of learning differences, always being mindful of best practices in social emotional learning. Join us in embarking on this inspiring journey of growth and success. Together, we'll explore the world of knowledge and create a path that's both educational and incredibly rewarding!

Work Experience

  • I have tutored students from Buckley School, Crossroads, Harvard-Westlake, John Thomas Dye School, and Windward School.​

  • Harvard-Westlake Upper School (Math and Computer Science Teacher)

  • Our Lady of the Valley School (Classroom Assistant)

  • Chaminade Middle School (Substitute Teacher)

  • University of Notre Dame (Graduate Student Instructor)

  • University of California, Berkeley (Undergraduate Student Instructor and Grader, Lab Assistant)

  • University of California, Berkeley B.A. in Mathematics

  • University of Notre Dame, Masters in Mathematics
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