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Services Offered


Subjects Taught


All Levels of Math | All Levels of Science


Other: Statistics, Computer Science


Standardized Testing: SAT, ACT, ISEE

If your child is looking to get further ahead in their studies or would like a curriculum for enrichment, we can also create and teach a personalized curriculum on the topic of interest. For further details, check out the Bowtie Curriculum Lab.

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Types of Sessions

Tutoring sessions are at least 1 hour long, and can be increased by 30 minute increments. I offer both in person tutoring sessions as well as online tutoring sessions. While sessions are typically for one student at a time, group sessions are also available.

Our Pricing

For students that book weekly sessions occurring at the same time each week, the pricing scheme is as follows:

Online tutoring session: 250 dollars/hour

In person tutoring session: 300 dollars/hour

Online group tutoring session: 200 dollars/hour per student

In person group tutoring session: 250 dollars/hour per student

If in a given month, 5 or more sessions are booked, there is a 10% discount on the total.

On Demand Tutoring: ​For students that book inconsistent sessions, the pricing is 450 dollars for both online as well as in person sessions. These impromptu sessions are really only recommended for last minute preparation. In general, to get the most benefit out of tutoring, I recommend consistent sessions.

If you would like to learn more about me or about my tutoring services, please do not hesitate to email me at or text 818-578-9724. I would be more than happy to have a free consultation with you to see if my tutoring services would fit your child's needs. Additionally, the first session is always free.

Bowtie Curriculum Lab

This plan is for those looking for a more personalized curriculum to fit a student's specific needs, level, and interests. This service includes homework and assessments to check the student's understanding and progress. Feedback will also be provided on submitted work.

Service Requirements

This particular service requires prior consultation with the student to see if it is a good fit and is offered on a limited basis. Those who would most benefit from this are students looking either to get ahead on their studies or are interested in higher mathematics not generally taught in a traditional classroom. Pricing for the Bowtie Curriculum Lab varies depending on the specific details of the arrangement.

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