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Welcome to Bowtie Learning Center

The Bowtie Learning Center is committed to giving your child the best support possible outside the classroom so that they can succeed in the classroom. 


My name is Derric Chien

The Bowtie Learning Center is committed to giving your child the best support possible outside the classroom so that they can succeed in the classroom. Our services not only excel in giving students clear explanations of difficult topics, but also gives them the tools to confidently engage with the material and ultimately be their best selves in the classroom.


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Bowtie Curriculum Lab

This plan is for those looking for a more personalized curriculum to fit a student's specific needs, level, and interests. This service includes homework and assessments to check the student's understanding and progress. Feedback will also be provided on submitted work. This particular service requires prior consultation with the student to see if it is a good fit and is offered on a limited basis.

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Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions are at least 1 hour long and can be increased by 30 minute increments. I offer both in person tutoring sessions as well as zoom tutoring sessions. While sessions are typically for one student at a time, group sessions are also possible. 

Subjects Taught

  • All levels of math

  • All levels of science

  • Statistics and Computer Science


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What Our Students Says

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"Derric Chien is the best educator I have had the privilege of learning from. He has taught me everything ranging from factoring, to chemistry, to how to have a good work ethic and believe in myself. His dedication to my improvement as a student and person has been unwavering and he has helped me more than you, the reader, can imagine. Truly, I cannot believe the man and how much he has sacrificed and the lengths to which he has gone to make sure I do the best I am capable of. He is a wonderful and unique human being and there is never a dull moment when learning from and with Derric. I believe hate is a strong word but I absolutely hated math going into my sophomore year of high school, now I'm entering my junior year and I have never been more interested and confident in the subject. Math was my favorite class this last year and I attribute 100% of this enjoyment to Derric's fun, exciting, and challenging learning environment that he creates every day. His bowtie tutoring services will improve your mindset, grades, and probably life. There is no one like Derric and there is no one who I owe more thanks to."


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